…for the dairy industry?

I grew up in an agricultural community. My family owns a show goat operation, and I was raised on our family farm learning the ins and outs of basically all walks of agriculture–EXCEPT dairy. But surely I learned about dairy in my AG classes in school right? How about in 4H? FFA? Nope. Not even then.

It seems that in a great number of places in the United States, the dairy industry is being forgotten. Why isn’t the youth of this nation being taught about the dairy industry? This is a problem, folks. I was blessed to grow up learning as much about agriculture as I did. There are TONS of people who have no idea where their food comes from. I have overheard a mother tell her daughter that “milk comes from the milk store”… Hello??

Every year, there are less and less dairy classes being offered in universities as well. At Texas A&M there is now only one dairy class offered, and it’s online. Our school dairy was shut down in 2003, and since then, there seems to be no interest about the industry in our university. Our dairy club has a total of 10 members, and involvement is dwindling.

Bottom line? Where is the love? We need to be teaching about dairy. In some places in the US, dairy education is still going strong and I salute those who teach it in their curriculum. However, there are many places where it isn’t being taught at all, and that’s a problem. Let’s fix this problem as an industry before dairy is completely forgotten.