Ethanol. A clean-burning fuel that burns cooler than gasoline and can degrade quickly in water. Some say this is our answer to dependence on oil and a cleaner healthier nation. I say this will be our demise.

Many of you may know the true economic and agricultural effects of this ugly alternative to fuel… and if you do, feel free to stop reading here, but I’m here to inform those who don’t.

Eleven years ago (2000), milk cost $1.88/gallon in the grocery store. Walk into your local grocery store today. You’re looking at approximately $3.50-3.99/gallon today. That’s about twice as much as it was eleven years ago… and let me assure you, that raise in cost for the consumer isn’t income for the farmers. The rise in milk prices is heavily due to the rise in feed costs.

Prices received by Minnesota farmers for corn for June averaged $6.00 per bushel, an increase of $0.60 from the May price.

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Ethanol and other alternative fuels by way of food crops are driving food prices. It’s easy for the public to jump on the bandwagon and see all the “benefits” of alternative fuel. “Ethanol is eco-friendly”–produce more with less harm! Fooey! Did you know that it takes TWENTY-TWO pounds of corn to produce ONE GALLON of Ethanol? And if that’s not enough to make your head spin, how about this: corn ( the crop harvested for ethanol) requires 29% MORE fossil fuel energy than the biofuel it produces. Hmm. Eco-friendly? More reason to say, “Drill baby, drill?” I think so.

Folks, educate yourselves. There are so many ulterior motives in politics and agriculture today. Things may look sweet on the outside, but take a big bite and you might end up with a mouth full of manure.


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