… and this is where I’m ‘gonna stay (for at least a year).

I got back to God’s Country yesterday afternoon. It is so nice to see trees again–ok ok, and I guess it’s nice to see my parents and dog, too. The first thing I noticed when I stepped out of the car was the incredible humidity. Holy Moly. I felt like I was melting. Now, let me assure you that I was born and raised in this crazy humidity, but being in New Mexico-I got SPOILED. It’s hot there, but it doesn’t feel nearly as bad as it does here. I feel like I am literally dripping sweat as soon as I walk outside in this east central Texas heat. Geez!

As many of you know, I went to Ruidoso after the dairy program. It was super fun, and a great experience. New Mexico’s mountains are simply beautiful. I loved being there. It was a nice get-away and we all had a blast ripping and running around Ruidoso and the surrounding areas. I think my favorite part of the trip was the drive from Cloudcroft to Alamogordo. It was amazing. The canyons there were breath-taking. You could see for MILES. It’s always nice to see God’s handywork at it’s finest. 🙂

…So–SURPRISE! Guess what! I get to go pick up my 4 jersey heifer calves this week!!! I cannot wait–I’m chomping at the bits to get these little girls! Next year, when I graduate, they’ll be ready to breed, and by the next year I’ll have some new little jersey calves running around. EEEK!

It’s so good to be home… but it’s back to reality soon at work and school. 

XOXO Y’all!