It’s OVER. I survived 6 weeks in Clovis, NM at the Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium-Teaching (SGPDC-T)! It’s been a ride, and I’m happy to say that it was more than what I expected. I learned a lot and cannot wait for next year!

Here are some things I’ve noticed while in New Mexico…

  1. New Mexico has the most beautiful sunsets — sorry Texas.
  2. You can buy liquor in convenient stores.
  3. Prairie Dogs DO exist!
  4. …And so do tumble weeds.
  5. New Mexican rodeos kinda suck — sorry New Mexico.
  6. The lanes in the roads frequently change without warning.
  7. You can’t even get into a bar until your 21–So Lame.
  8. People say the (not)word “alls” in place of “all”. Weird.
  9. There is a certain time of day that no matter where you are in the Clovis area, you’re going to smell dairy cows. Mmm.
  10. The dry heat will make my hair look fabulous and my skin even more fabulous.
And there are a few things I’ll really miss about Clovis…
  1. The weather! I love the dry heat!!
  2. The close-knit farming community. This is a grade A example of agriculture in the United States.
  3. The people. I’ve gotten to know so many great people while staying in Clovis. I’m sad to leave, but anxious to get home.
I love New Mexico!! It definitely has it’s pros and cons, but overall–It’s so great here. Very friendly, nice weather, and overall a fun place to be. I’m sure New Mexico hasn’t seen the last of this native Texan. šŸ™‚
Being in Clovis during these 6 weeks has been such a blessing and wonderful experience. It’s been a period of true self growth for me, and I am excited to see how these changes will affect me back home. My mind is blown thinking about what the future holds for me, and I cannot wait to get out there and make a life for myself doing things I truly love and am passionate about. Who would have thought DAIRY would be my pathway in life? Trust me, if someone had told me coming into college that I would graduate and take a job working in the dairy industry, I would have called BS. Now, I can’t imagine a career better suited for me. This lifestyle is so wonderful. The people who are in the “dairy community” truly know what hard work looks like, and aren’t afraid to put in an honest days work. As an industry, I am pleased to say that the dairy industry works so hard for the best interest of the public. Whether it be environmentally, from an animal welfare perspective, economically, agriculturally—these people want to do what’s right. So I toast my milk to the dairymen, and people of Clovis. Thanks for everything, y’all! See ya next year!