This week, we’re studying mastitis. Yep. A whole week devoted to nothing but teats. It’s been a pretty busy week. So far we’ve tested milk (the SNAP, blood auger, and some other test I can’t think of the name of) for antibiotics and other inhibitors. We got to go out to the dairy (Clover Knolls) and milk some of their hospital pen for samples. My cow was awful. A first lactation cow, I’m sure, because she kept trying to kick me when I milked her–and she tested negative for mastitis, so her teats weren’t sore.
Examples of a couple of tests we ran:


Yesterday, first session went straight out to the fair grounds to dissect udders. It was just my luck, I got a gangrene, nasty smelling whale of an udder. It was fine when it was faced teats up, but when we flipped it over to look at the glands, it smelled something awful. We did the bare minimum with our udder. Dissected teats, mammary tissue, lymph nodes–and then we went upwind where we couldn’t smell the rotting milk-filled udder. Sick. Some of the udders still… umm… worked? There were a few milk squirting wars going on there. Ours didn’t milk, but it gurgled when we pulled on the teats–I’m guessing because the milk that was left in the tissue was curdled.
Last night, the whole group (all 52 of us) went to a dinner sponsored by Alltech. I still really love this company! For those of you that don’t know, Alltech is an Animal Health company. They are ranked #7 in Animal Health, and out of the top 10, they are the ONLY ones that do not sell hormones or drugs. All of their products are naturally derived. They also sponsored the World Equestrian Games in 2010 in Kentucky–and they make their own Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, and other products (not related to Animal Health, as you might guess).

Today, we went BACK out to Clover Knolls to look at their parlor and milking equipment. Our lecturer made us stick our fingers in the teat cups while the pulsator was on. Some of the expressions were priceless! So funny–and you could only guess what jokes were milling around.

They let us out early (3:30ish) which was so nice because we got to relax for the rest of the afternoon. Free time around here is scarce, but when we do have free time, it’s always a blast. Today, Shay and I ran a few errands, came back to the room and “sunbathed” on the balcony.
I’m pretty darn proud that I’ve gone 5 weeks in the New Mexico sun and avoided the dreaded “farmer’s tan”, but my legs however are a different story. My arms and legs are totally different colors now, and lets face it, that’s just not an option. So Shay and I decided we’d start to sit out on the balcony and tan our legs for the remainder of the trip. Maybe it’ll work?

After we had sufficiently sat in the sun for a while, we had to get ready for supper. Dr. T and the lecturer from Washington (Mastitis Guy) took all the A&M and WSU students to eat at the Rib Crib. It was a good time–and free–so I can’t complain. 🙂

Tomorrow we’re taking our test early (10) and then going to a sponsored lunch with Pfizer. I’m learning more about animal health companies and I am so looking forward to learning more about this company. I think I just might have found what industry I would like to go into. Now just for a job…

XOXO Y’all! One week left!