Mom–Dad, how have you NOT given me the heads up on this collegiate delicacy? Bologna. Yep. The mix-everything-in-a-case-and-emulsify-it-into-a-meat-like-product stuff. It’s delicious. I know I ate it when I was little, but it takes on a whole new meaning now that I’m older. Cheap. A friend of mine here at the consortium re-introduced me to the bologna sandwich and I have to say, I can’t believe I’ve made it 2 years in college without having one. Every college student should live off of bologna.

Tonight, I had bologna on white bread (yep–white! *gasps*) with light miracle whip and cheese. American I think? It just looked the right color, but I didn’t check. Also, I added a whole dill pickle on the side and Flaming Hot Cheetos. MmmMmmMmm!

Ok, so enough about the bologna. Today started by waking up at 6 and being in the van by 7. We went to Texas to the Lariat dairy today. They had a double rotary parlor which was pretty awesome. The cows seemed to love it, too. We went out to the pens and watched the breeder A.I. a few. Those guys can knock down some serious coin. At $4 an arm–it doesn’t take many a year to make a pretty darn good living. The 26 year old breeder at the Lariat dairy did 30,000 cows last year. Yep. All he did was stick his arm up a cow’s ass and breed her. That’s it. And on most days, he’s done by noon. So… you do the math. That’s some serious moola.

After the dairy, we went back to the college and lectured, had lunch, lectured more and more and more and more–in the heat. Yep. Our A/C was out today, so I got to sit in a room with 50 other people in New Mexico heat. Awesome. I love genetics, and the lecturer is so nice, but I cannot stay awake in his class! There’s something about just going over powerpoint after powerpoint that just puts me to sleep. I feel so rude, and I hate it, but today I caught myself nodding off millimeters away from hitting my head on the table about 4 times. At 4, a representative from ABS came and did a presentation for us. I love learning about potential employers, but today was just not the day. I was just so ready to get home.

After class, I hurried and went to do some laundry — it SERIOUSLY needed doing. I finished it up pretty quickly and ran to walmart for a bologna, etc. run… and now–I’m here. Relaxing. Finally.

XOXO Love y’all!