Wednesday, we took a field trip to Dalhart. It was a pretty long drive, but it was through GORGEOUS country. Beautiful hills as far as the eye can see. Everything was great, but the change in the altitude made my ears clog up and hurt so bad. After my equilibrium was back to normal, we arrived in Dalhart at the Hilmar Cheese Plant. I was pretty disappointed that we didn’t get to tour the actual plant. All we did was watch a video about their company (lame). But the company seems like a pretty good one, and I’ll definitely keep it in mind when I graduate next year. They said they are always looking for new, young talent–which is good for me!
After the cheese plant, we went to a heifer farm. This farm had ~25,000 heifers that they were growing–most of them from California. How crazy is that? And their death rate? Almost nonexistent, about 12/month. I was curious to know the death rate on the truck to and from California and the manager said since he has been with the company (since December) they haven’t lost any on the truck ride to or from, and they have only had 2 abortions. And of those abortions, the two heifers had a hard time getting pregnant in the first place and they debated on whether or not to put them on the truck. They had their stuff together!
After the heifer farm, we went to the Sweet Bran (a branch of Cargill). Not much to report there–seeing the train dump a load of sweet bran feed into the big mixer was pretty awesome.

So the rest of the week went by pretty darn fast, and this weekend we have the rodeo and I think I’m going to see the Hangover 2. 🙂

I’ll report more later!

XOXO Love y’all!