Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a few days, it’s been NONSTOP here.

Friday the first session students (i.e. me) had to get up super early to go to a dairy in Texas–I mean–God’s Country. We left at 7, toured the dairy of a transplanted dutch family, and then started on our way home. On the drive we got to see some pretty land, but it’s so dry. Even though I’m only a temporary NM citizen I’ve been praying for rain in this part of the country. Everything is dying and people are really suffering without rain. It hasn’t rained here since August 2010! After we returned home, we went back to the college and had pizza for lunch, then went to the computer lab to take our test. It wasn’t too hard, and I think I did pretty well–I made an 82 which was the average. That night, Shay and I went over to a friends place and hung out for a while before returning home.

Saturday was another early morning. At 7 we left for Amarillo to go to the Diagnostics Lab. The lab was a bit monotonous because I’ve seen anatomy of ruminants many many many many times with my job. But it was fun. And a guy even passed out! It was really hot in the room, and we were all crowded. I’m not sure if it was the blood or if it was all the bodies in the room that did him in, but all of a sudden he face planted into the concrete floor. One girl was able to grab is face as he fell so he didn’t hit it. He seized for a second, and then woke back up. We all felt bad for him, but it added a little comic relief to the lab. After the lab, we got in our van (who I have endearingly named “the shaggin’ wagon” due to its 1970s manufacturing) and went to the Big Texan. I have to say… I know this place is iconic and a Texas legacy, but the service and the food just stunk. I had the lunch chicken friend steak, and a tea and it cost my $20 before it was said and done. Even still, we all had a good time. When we were there a tiny girl attempted the 72 oz. steak challenge, but we didn’t wait to see if she was successful, and I’m going to guess that she wasn’t.

Saturday night, a few friends I’ve made here and my roommate went to eat and then went to watch the 3D Pirates movie. We smuggled contraband into the movies via my sweat shirt, but hey–we weren’t going to spend $5 on a small Dr. Pepper at the concession stand! The movie sucked so bad. I mean, I wasn’t much into the first pirates movie (which was the only other one I saw) but this one was far worse. A couple of us ended up leaving early.

And now (Sunday) I woke up around 10–which is really nice compared to 5:30 and 6 am–and piddled around until noon when I decided “hey… why not take a nap?”. So that’s what I did until 4:45! Hopefully I’ve caught up on my sleep now. The rest of the night will probably be boring. I don’t think we have anything planned (thankfully), and tomorrow we start learning about Dairy Facilities. Fun stuff!

XOXO Texas Friends and Family!