Today was another typical school day. First we had lecture until noon, and today we had EVEN MORE lecture (gag). But around 3 we made our way out to the Heavybottom Dairy (totally not kidding on that one). This was a much more pleasant dairy to tour, and if I had to guess why it was because of all the sweet little Jersey cows and calves running around. SO FREAKING SWEET. Have you seen a jersey lately? How can you not fall in love with them. They are so docile looking, and “deer-ee” looking.

And the calves–are you KIDDING me? They are so cuddly looking I just want to squeeze them!


So after a couple of hours of oo-ing and aw-ing we returned home and a few of us went to eat at a “mexican” food place. Blah. Not so good. I need some TexMex in my life, please.

No dairy tomorrow, just lecture. Yay.