So many of you might be wondering just what exactly is so special about Clovis, NM. Well, today–I learned this town’s claim to fame… The caveman. Called the “Clovis Man”, this prehistoric Neanderthal was thought to have lived around Clovis and was (at the time of discovery) the oldest recorded human specimen known on earth. Interesting.

You’d think publicity like that would get a little town like Clovis booming. Nope. But it did land CCC a statue of the “Clovis Man” in front of their main entrance! 😀

Today was the first day of classes. Oh my goodness. I am so unbelievably tired–I stared at a computer screen for 4 hours today learning Dairy Comp 305 … *crickets* … Yep. Not fun. But on the bright side, on a tour of “campus” today I got to see some old people swim in the pool. That’s always fun.

We got our boots, t shirts, and polos today, too. And after class we attended a cook-out hosted by the DFA and United Dairy Women. It was really nice of them to accommodate us, and cook for us. It’s really appreciated.

Sorry this is such a lame post, I can’t think straight. Off to bed!

XOXO to my Texas Loves!