I arrived in Clovis today at roughly 3:30 pm. The 8 hour drive wasn’t too bad–it was definitely a beautiful view–but the straightness of the highway caused me to drink not just one, but TWO nasty 5 hour energies. When I pulled into Clovis, it became clear why these next six weeks will be even more challenging…

At the risk of sounding like a diva, Clovis is about a decade and a half behind in the times. The lanes at stop lights don’t even line up, and you have to make a conscience effort to make sure you’re not driving into oncoming traffic. So, after I settled into my glorious (totally kidding) MOTEL, I decided to pick up a few groceries and things I may need to start the week… and the simple task of finding MILK was daunting.

I first decided to try Big Lots. Bad idea. Walking in the door, I was stopped by a mob of Clovis “natives” asking to use my phone because their “car broke down a way back”. When they saw the look on my face, they said they would just “use the phone inside” (they never did, btw–which even furthers my suspicion that they were going to take my phone and run). I proceeded inside the store, and to my dismay, they didn’t even have a freezer section. Not even a small one. So on to store number 2 I went. I tried a Walgreens, next. There I found milk, but just the look of it scared me. I’m not sure how or why New Mexico milk is any different than Texas milk, but rest assured it is. I’m not sure if these people realize that it’s customary to put the fat content of the milk on the bottle, but either way they didn’t do it… so I decided to try lucky number three. I finally found an Albertson’s so I reluctantly decided to try my luck there. Bingo! Not only did they have milk, but they had a variety–so YAY–I got to pick from even more strange milk brands. I found one that didn’t scare me, and had “fat free” on the bottle. So I took it and bolted.

Oh, and did I mention that all the men and women look the same here?? I ran into three young “Pats” at the grocery store that I was unsure whether to say “sir” or “ma’am” to. :-/

Tomorrow is the first day of “class” and I suppose I’ll explore Clovis a little more. Maybe I won’t get mugged. Or die from bad milk.

XOXO to all my Texas loved ones!